Travelling can become a hassle when you have dedicated travel plans. Getting an aircraft for most of these plans becomes burdensome when you have a group to handle. Especially for weddings, you might have to accommodate transportation for a lot of people, which becomes troublesome with commercial aeroplanes.

Air charter companies become your best source of transportation to avoid the hustle of crowded airports. With charter airplane services, all you have to do is book the services, state your requirement, and then be tension free about the travel.

To get the highest grade of services, you should always consider the best air charter services. Empyrean Air Charter provides jet services for all sorts of charter flights in and out of India.


We are Empyrean Air Services India, a charter service company that has grown by providing our clients with quick, comfortable, and safe travel without the mind- numbing, bone-wearing hassle of flying out of large, crowded commercial airports.

We make flying more convenient for you by taking care of all of your travel- related needs, from arranging transportation to your desired destination to confirming ground transportation once you arrive. With Empyrean Air Services, you can travel in luxury while saving money.


At Empyrean Air Charter, we create and offer economic private jet services of private Aircraft, Jets, Helicopters perfectly aligning with our client's requirements across the globe.

Our list of services ranges from everything, be it everything from Business Jet Charters to rental Luxury Jets and Corporate Jets. We also cover political charter flights to cover the fast-paced schedule, and tourism flights to make sure you get the best of luxury even while travelling. Apart from that, we also specialize in arranging sports travel and marriage charter to provide the best of luxury in every aspect.

We also assist our clients with aeromedical assistance by providing the best in class jets equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide emergency care or assistance throughout transportation.


At Empyrean Air Services, we prioritise our clients and ensure that they have access to world-class facilities and assistance whenever and wherever needed.

We maintain the highest standard of our aeromedical services and only collaborate with highly qualified professionals to assure the best medical care to the patients.

We understand that every client has a different approach regarding their travel plans. Therefore, we craft our plans and pricing according to every client's need efficiently and economically.


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