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The Empyrean Air Service consists of various Jets, Helicopters, Airplane available ready to serve our client..



There might be times when people might need or request critical medical care, transfer or reach places an ambulance cannot access by road. Medical carriers that contain all the care equipment to address any injury, intensive situations are needed the most. In such cases, an air ambulance becomes a feasible option to reach remote areas and provide immediate medical assistance.



Empyrean Air Charter Services has a dedicated fleet of Helicopters that are outfitted with the necessary equipment to transfer the critically ill patient and provide adequate medical treatment throughout the transportation process. Medication, ventilators, ECG and monitoring units, CPR equipment, and stretchers are all available on helicopter ambulances.



Empyrean Charter Air Services comes equipped with the necessary medical equipment that ensures medical transfers from remote locations. The Aeromedical services by Empyrean Charter come with adequate accommodation for the patient, medical crew, and equipment.

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