There might be times when people might need or request critical medical care, transfer or reach places an ambulance cannot access by road. Medical carriers that contain all the care equipment to address any injury, intensive situations are needed the most. In such cases, an air ambulance becomes a feasible option to reach remote areas and provide immediate medical assistance.

An air ambulance or air medical services is a term used to describe the air services that travel to and from healthcare facilities and accidents through air transport, aeroplane or helicopter. The Staff provides all patients with comprehensive prehospital emergency and critical care during an aeromedical evacuation or rescue operation on helicopters, propeller aircraft, or jet aircraft.

By keeping patient's healthcare and safety as the number one priority, Empyrean Air Charter Services provides medical air assistance services by helicopter and aircraft. Empyrean Air Charter Services is dedicated to serving patients around the world with its multi-speciality medical and aero medicine care.

The private aircraft by Empyrean Air Charter Services come equipped with critical care staff and the most up-to-date medical equipment available for the patient's treatment. The expert medical services of Empyrean Air Charter Services is available 24/7, 365 days for your service anywhere, anytime.